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About Us

founded in January 2015 by Joeri Luckermans.
A virtual airliner that was based on the foundations of SN Virtal Airlines Group.
The SN Virtual Airlines Group ( SVAGroup ) was founded on July 1st, 2001, shortly after Sabena was bankrupt and the original Sabena VA needed to upgrade to the newly formed national airline "SN Brussels airlines".
The concept was simple, recreate flights of Sabena and SN Brussles Airlines in the virtual world. After 13 years it was time for a change.
The original staff had left to persue other challenges and Joeri created what is now Brussels Airlines.
5 years later, one of the original Sabena VA founders, Tim Verbesselt chose to come back and help out in the newly formed VA staff.

Honorary mentions

This Virtual Airline is one with a long history, originaly founded in the late 90's as Sabena Virtual Airlines, it has been a national monument in the Belgian Virtual Airlines world.
To honour the previous members of the staff that has kept the VA alive from Sabena to SVAG to Brussels Airlines Virtual until 2015, we would like to mention them as honorary members of the VA

We would start with Kenny Moens, who was one of the original founders together with Tim Verbesselt and a wizard with computer programming. He made the original website and database and made it as realistic as possible.

Next we have Christophe Goelen, who joined some time later at the senior staff at SVAG, passionate about all that has to do with airplanes, he dedicated himself in leading this VA to the best a VA could be.

Kevin Colman is the next honorary member of this VA we would like to mention inhere. As every staff member of the SVAG, he dedicated his free time in helping out to the best of his ability. Thank you Kevin.

We would also like to mention Yoeri Lebon, who joined the SVAG staff in 2001 as co-founder of the newly reformed VA at that time.
Yoeri has also joined the VA again in 2023 to do the one thing he loves the most, flying!

Frederik Poels, also a staff member of the later generation at the SVAG before the reforming in 2015 by Joeri Luyckermans cannot be forgotten in this list. Thank you for all the help you provided.

Last but not least, we have Kurt Reyniers, a long time member of the VA, since the beginning and a long lasting staff member, even after the 2015 reformation, he dedicated his time and aviation knowledge to the members of this VA.

Also over the years, many other people have been involved in this VA, so we would like to thank the following former staff members for their dedication and commitment:

Vital Vanbeginne
Bjorn Comhaire
Filip Jonckers
Kristof Van den Brande,
Wim Van San
Philppe Peeters,
Johan Vandendaele.

Thank you to all of these honorary members for the help in keeping this VA alive from Sabena in the 90's to what it has become today.
This was simply not possible without the helping hands of all of these former staff members.

Brussels Airlines Virtual

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