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Aircraft General Info

Aircraft Image: No Aircraft Image Yet!
Fullname: BAE Systems Avro RJ100
Registration: OO-DWI
Range: 1630nm
Weight: 56108lb
Cruise: 482kt
Passengers: 98
Cargo: 0

Aircraft Stats

Total Miles: 3318
Total Hours: 10
Total Flights: 6
Total Cargo Carried: 538

Current Aircraft Location

Latest 15 Flights List

Flight # Departure Arrival Flight Time Flight Date Landing Rate View
BEL963 EGLC EGCC 1 09/08/2016 -50 View
BEL118 LSGG EIDW 2 02/07/2016 -100 View
BEL3669 EBBR LFBO 2 22/03/2015 0 View
BEL156TR LIRA EDDW 1 13/02/2015 -1800 View
BEL156TR LIRA EDDW 2 08/02/2015 0 View
BEL156TR LIRA EDDW 2 07/02/2015 -150 View

Latest 15 Flights Map

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Available Flights

No Flights Scheduled with this aircraft!
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